2020 Changes

Do you have a clear vision for your health or business if you one? I always start the year getting really clear on my vision for the 12 months ahead but I also like to look as far ahead as 5 years! That might sound a little crazy but it keeps me anchored in action. My vision this year was growth in the business and loss in the waistline 😂 the second vision hasn’t gone down so well but here’s what I’m doing everyday to get one step closer to saying “I did that!!” for my business and my staff.

❤❤❤ Feedback forms are being sent after every single job. Why? So we can ensure consistency in your service, week by week. Communication is a must for growth!

❤❤❤We are simplifying the booking systems for new clients. Filling in a simple 5 minute form, and a socially distanced video walk through of the property, saves new customers time. Meaning we can get you quoted and booked in much sooner than ever before! https://forms.gle/ZnWitD93aLNoVzvA7

❤❤❤ We are associated with and are proud members of The Domestic Cleaning Business Network, a trade association targeted at cleaning companies in the UK, who are helping to clean up the industry. Ensuring that those of us in the Biz know exactly how to trade legally, safely, & professionally.

Just three out of a huge long list of changes I’ve made this year to help with my vision and despite it being a whirlwind of a year we are still here! Still growing, still learning!