Which one are you?

Are you this person? Riddled with guilt at the thought of hiring help to make your life easier? What we sell is time, and we all know time is of the essence, there just isn’t enough of it!

I really need some help around the house but…..

  • I work from home currently so “should” be able to keep on top of it.
  • I’ve just had a baby and I am on maternity leave so “should” be able to keep on top of it.
  • I don’t want to admit to family and friends I have a cleaner because they will think I’m lazy.
  • I’m so overwhelmed I am embarrassed to have a cleaner in my home.
  • I don’t think we can afford it.
  • I spend my weekends cleaning.

Or are you this person? Completely owning and accepting that they want, or need a cleaner or housekeeping service to help them out. No guilt, no pressure off family and friends, no judgement! They want to enjoy the time they have because lets face it life is too short.

  • I work from home, but still don’t have the time to clean because I’m so busy working!
  • I have just had a baby and I am on maternity leave, I don’t have time to clean because I nap when my baby is napping. I love it.
  • I don’t care if my family think I’m lazy, they should get themselves a cleaner it’ll save me so much time.
  • I am calling because I’m overwhelmed with my house cleaning and would like some help without judgment.
  • I will find a cleaning service that can work within my budget. I will reduce my takeaways if I have to!
  • I would rather be spending time doing something I really love than spending it cleaning my house up! I want to enjoy my weekends.

Whatever your reasons are to wanting, needing help at home, we can help. None judgmental!

We are all in the same boat here, we are all chasing the clock. So why not make our lives easier? What is so bad about wanting to enjoy your spare time? I hire a window cleaner, I pay someone to clean my car, a pay a nail tech to paint my nails, or a decorator to paint my hallway. So why is there such shame still in hiring a cleaner or housekeeper?

I’m currently sat in my home office, beds unmade, kids pyjamas haven’t yet made it to the washing basket, breakfast dishes still in the sink! I need help, I own a cleaning and housekeeping company and I need help at home. Oh the irony 🤣 But you know what, there is no shame!

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